Healthy Eating On a Cruise: Food Planning

As I mentioned in my first post in this Healthy Cruise Eating Series, I recently got back from an 18 day transatlantic cruise with Royal Caribbean during which time I lost 4.2 lbs. My intention with this series is to increase your awareness of various strategies you can use to stick to your healthy eating Read more about Healthy Eating On a Cruise: Food Planning[…]

Healthy Eating On A Cruise: Pre Cruise Research

I just got back from an amazing 18 day transatlantic cruise with Royal Caribbean aboard the Serenade of the Seas! And while I could go on and on about how wonderful and beautiful that experience was, the focus of this blog post is on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle (especially if weight loss and Read more about Healthy Eating On A Cruise: Pre Cruise Research[…]

Lifestyle Change Tip: Educate Yourself

I have spent years amassing my knowledge of health, wellness, and weight loss. I’m currently close to completing a certificate in Integrative Nutrition from UCSD. The internet and various social media platforms make a regular diet of health and wellness information pretty much effortless. I pull from a variety of source but prefer getting my Read more about Lifestyle Change Tip: Educate Yourself[…]

Low Carb & Weight Loss

A low carb approach to weight loss is popular because it works for a lot of people. But referring to a dietary pattern as “low carb” or “keto” is really not useful because it’s not specific enough. Additionally, diet is only one determinant of weight. Other important components are stress reduction, getting quality sleep, and Read more about Low Carb & Weight Loss[…]

Eating for Weight Loss & Health

I’ve read a lot about different diets and weight loss methods over the years. We know, from Science, that simply reducing calories and going “on a diet” is not likely to lead to successful long term weight management. We have the Atkins, South Beach, whole food plant based, and paleo style diets which allow followers Read more about Eating for Weight Loss & Health[…]

Weight Loss Tips

I’m going to start off by saying…I’m not overweight at the moment; my weight is in a healthy weight range. In the past, I have been heavier. In the past, I have been intent on shaving off the last 5 (vanity) pounds. Personally, I’ve had weight loss success with all types of eating plans aside Read more about Weight Loss Tips[…]