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The Simple Start

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If you are just starting out on your weight loss and health journey, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the (mis)information on diet and lifestyle. It can be challenging to change deep life long habits, to give up the foods that have comforted you for so long, to find new ways of socializing and connecting with people you love.

I think it is so crucial to get clear on what matters most to you: your health & weight loss or the short term pleasure of food. Start with that.

When you care more about your health, the first things you eliminate are foods with added sugar, refined flour/grains, and inflammatory vegetable oils. Educating yourself on why these foods are so harmful can be incredibly helpful. Eat real, whole foods. You might literally need a sugar detox food program; I can help you with that.

Personally, I rarely eat in restaurants. When I travel I stay at AirBnBs so that I have access to a kitchen where I can cook my own meals. I tend to socialize primarily at the gym, through improv, and in low key coffee shops; food does not factor in to my social life very much at all. In the evenings to unwind, I do a lot of yin yoga which is full of gentle deep stretches with long holds.

I feel good about myself for not abusing my body with toxic foods or frank overeating. You can do this too.

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