How You View Food

Many people crave pizza, an inherently unhealthy food consisting of refined flour and poor quality cheese.

To change how you feel about pizza (for example) you must change the criteria you use for valuing the food you choose to eat. It’s not about using logic to change your feelings as to whether or not pizza/cheese tastes good; it’s an issue of wanting to continue eating a food you now know is not healthful for you even though it “tastes good”. It is simply a choice to eat foods that support your higher purpose and health instead of eating because something tastes good and you want it; define what you value most (long term health or short term pleasure of eating the food). When you view eating the pizza, or whatever, as equivalent to abusing your body and health, it becomes a much easier choice not to eat it. Further, there is evidence that cheese in particular may be addictive perhaps due to casomorphin, an opioid peptide from cow’s milk.

The refined and processed carbohydrates in pizza are also very problematic from a food addiction perspective; do not underestimate the power of food addiction. In 2015 researchers from the University of Michigan found that pizza is one of the most addictive foods based on the Yale Food Addiction Scale. Thinking that because of a cholesterol problem one must “deprive” themselves of pizza/cheese is the wrong mindset to use. Continuing to eat unhealthy processed foods is also deprivation: it deprives you of your health & longevity.


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