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No!! Don’t Eat Gummy Bears!!

While romping around Facebook diet groups, I saw a post from someone about how they happily included gummy bears in their daily eating. I had to read it a couple times to verify that, in fact, this person thought it was actually ok to eat gummy bears as long as they “fit” numerically with their daily diet.

I did comment, and subsequently my comments got deleted by admin. Oh well. In any case, here are my thoughts on eating gummy bears and losing weight.

Gummy bears are not food. Anyone who is overweight and trying to lose weight should not be eating gummy bears. Just because you “can” eat something based on numbers from whatever program you follow doesn’t mean you should. Added sugar in particular is at the root of chronic disease including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. I personally refuse to validate people’s decisions to eat objectively unhealthy foods.

I found it somewhat unbelievable that I was in a debate with people about whether or not someone interested in weight loss should eat gummy bears as a snack, especially as a recent study has shown quite clearly that processed foods in and of themselves contribute to weight gain.

Whether it’s food addiction or some other psychological issue that causes a person to cling tightly to their beloved gummy bears, the reality is some people just don’t want to give up their bad eating habits.

I was accused of “sugar shaming”; added sugar IS shameful. Don’t eat it if you care about your health.

I was asked if I ever want “something sweet and bad”. The answer is NO. I eat real whole food. I eat fruit. I don’t eat blatantly bad foods because I have deep respect for my body and strive to feed it well with sound nutrition.

I eat like my life depends on it. Because it does.

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  1. Today, American Pediatrics warned parents against the danger of giving young children too many fruit juice serving because of the high sugar content and lack of nutritional benefits.
    Sugar is addictive and a health risk factor.

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