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Lifestyle Change Tip: Educate Yourself

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I have spent years amassing my knowledge of health, wellness, and weight loss. I’m currently close to completing a certificate in Integrative Nutrition from UCSD.

The internet and various social media platforms make a regular diet of health and wellness information pretty much effortless. I pull from a variety of source but prefer getting my health/diet information from qualified people. Most typically these are individuals with an MD or relevant PhD. A random Instagram diet guru who claims to have the knowledge for how to lose 20 lbs in a month is not someone I’m particularly interested in learning from, for example.

A great, great, excellent (super excellent) place to find information, especially if you are interested in the Real Science, is pubmed.

Why educate yourself? Because it can make it so much easier for you to change your habits when you understand the importance/why you’re doing it. Instead of seeing quitting sugar as a deprivation thing that’s so unfair, you understand why sugar (and sugar alcohols!) is NOT a treat at all. When you have a better understanding and awareness of what’s going on in your body when you are pulled to certain unhealthy foods or behaviors, you see that you have a choice in how you handle those urges.

I used to eat at night, after dinner. As I learned more about how important it is, how healthy it is, to have ~12-14 hours between dinner and breakfast, I began to change that habit. If someone had just told me, “don’t eat after dinner because Calories & Other Bad Stuff” I wouldn’t have really cared much about changing that habit. It’s not about calories or “eating less”. Having a mindset of food and weight loss as all about the calories is overly simplistic and totally disregards the complexity of the human body.


Educate yourself. From qualified people. Start with the MDs and the PhDs. Keep an open mind.

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