February 22, 2017


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Daily easy-to-follow paleo menus. No tracking required!
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Lifestyle Change Tip: Educate Yourself

I have spent years amassing my knowledge of health, wellness, and weight loss. I'm currently close to completing a certificate...
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The Simple Start

If you are just starting out on your weight loss and health journey, it can be overwhelming to sort through...
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How You View Food

Many people crave pizza, an inherently unhealthy food consisting of refined flour and poor quality cheese. To change how you...
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No!! Don’t Eat Gummy Bears!!

While romping around Facebook diet groups, I saw a post from someone about how they happily included gummy bears in...
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Low Carb & Weight Loss

A low carb approach to weight loss is popular because it works for a lot of people. But referring to...
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Diet Update!

Despite my various forays into more structured approaches to eating, I eventually tend to drift back to my more holistic...
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Eating for Weight Loss & Health

I've read a lot about different diets and weight loss methods over the years. We know, from Science, that simply...
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Weight Loss Tips

Hi! I'm Tova! Let's be friends! I'm going to start off by saying...I'm not overweight at the moment; my weight...
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Weight Loss Tips

Food Addiction Eating

I recently listened to some interviews as part of the online summit The Real Truth About Weight Loss. One interview...
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Best Diet?

During their weight loss journey some people latch onto a diet philosophy— Paleo, keto, whole food plant based, vegan, Atkins,...
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