Lunch: Baked chicken breast; 1/4 cup cannellini beans; lettuce; sauerkraut; tomatoes; onions; extra virgin olive oil; mustard. I baked extra chicken to use as leftovers for lunches or dinners. Whenever I make a protein (chicken, fish, steak) I always make extra to use in a later meal. Easy meal prep!

Prosciutto, Cheese, and Salad Plate

  Prosciutto, Cheese, and Salad Plate, 1 serving Ingredients: Lettuce, chopped Kelp noodles, optional Liquid coconut oil Feta cheese Salt and pepper Prosciutto 2 oz cheese Directions: Place lettuce and kelp noodles, if using, on a plate. Top lettuce with some feta cheese, salt, and pepper. Drizzle coconut oil over salad. Add prosciutto and cheese Read more about Prosciutto, Cheese, and Salad Plate[…]

Butter-Fried Chicken, Salad, and Cheese

  …Closely followed by coffee 🙂 Butter-Fried Chicken Ingredients: Chicken breast, chopped Kelp noodles (optional) Butter Liquid coconut oil Salt, pepper, poultry seasoning Directions: Pan-fry chicken and kelp noodles (if using) in butter and coconut oil over medium-high heat to desired doneness, stirring frequently. Season as desired. Butter-Fried Chicken Salad and Cheese, 1 serving Ingredients: Read more about Butter-Fried Chicken, Salad, and Cheese[…]

Leftover Sirloin Roast Salad

Still making my way through leftover steak, it’s really good! Had some coffee with my lunch too. Leftover Sirloin Roast Salad, 1 serving Ingredients: Lettuce, chopped Kelp noodles (optional) Leftover sirloin roast, chopped Mayo Hardboiled egg, chopped Liquid coconut oil Feta cheese Salt, Pepper, Seasonings Directions: Add steak, egg, and kelp noodles (if using) to Read more about Leftover Sirloin Roast Salad[…]

Seasoned Broth and Prosciutto Salad Plate

Broth and salad for lunch, followed by some coffee: Seasoned Broth, 1 serving Ingredients: Chicken stock or broth Salt and seasonings Directions: 1. Pour broth into a microwave-safe mug or bowl. 2. Add seasonings. 3. Heat to desired temperature in the microwave. I heated mine on high for about 2 minutes.   Prosciutto Salad Plate, Read more about Seasoned Broth and Prosciutto Salad Plate[…]

Leftover Steak Salad

Steak, cheese, and coffee for lunch. Leftover Steak Salad Plate, 1 serving Ingredients: Lettuce, chopped— 1 cup Leftover butter-fried steak Feta cheese— pinch Cheese— 1 oz cheddar Seasonings— salt, pepper, poultry blend Kelp noodles, optional Directions: Place lettuce and kelp noodles (if using) on a plate and top with the steak. Sprinkle some feta on Read more about Leftover Steak Salad[…]

Steak Salad

Tonight’s dinner was butter-fried top sirloin steak over lettuce. And for dessert, coffee! Butter-Fried Steak Salad, 1 serving, can fry extra steak for leftovers Ingredients: Butter Top sirloin steak Choice of seasonings— salt and poultry seasoning blend Lettuce— about 2 cups Feta Cheese— a pinch   Directions: Chop steak. Fry steak in butter over medium-high Read more about Steak Salad[…]