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Monday Breakfast

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Breakfast this morning: two eggs cooked in extra virgin olive oil with spinach, onions, one clove garlic, cheese; 1/4 cup strawberries; coffee with half and… Read More »Monday Breakfast

Induction Pancake

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Pancakes perfect for an Atkins Induction! Coffee too? Yes. Goes without saying 🙂 Induction Pancake, 1 serving Ingredients: 2 eggs 1 oz cream cheese Coconut… Read More »Induction Pancake

Prosciutto Omelet

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Had this and some coffee for breakfast: Prosciutto Omelet, 1 serving Ingredients: Butter Liquid coconut oil 2 eggs Prosciutto Pork rinds Salt and pepper Directions:… Read More »Prosciutto Omelet

Cheesy Eggs

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My favorite breakfast! Followed by a hike in the California sunshine.   Cheesy Eggs, 1 serving Ingredients: Butter Eggs— 2 Cheese— 1 oz Seasonings— salt… Read More »Cheesy Eggs