Prosciutto, Cheese, and Salad Plate

  Prosciutto, Cheese, and Salad Plate, 1 serving Ingredients: Lettuce, chopped Kelp noodles, optional Liquid coconut oil Feta cheese Salt and pepper Prosciutto 2 oz cheese Directions: Place lettuce and kelp noodles, if using, on a plate. Top lettuce with some feta cheese, salt, and pepper. Drizzle coconut oil over salad. Add prosciutto and cheese Read more about Prosciutto, Cheese, and Salad Plate[…]

Prosciutto Omelet

Had this and some coffee for breakfast: Prosciutto Omelet, 1 serving Ingredients: Butter Liquid coconut oil 2 eggs Prosciutto Pork rinds Salt and pepper Directions: Coat a frying pan with butter and coconut oil over medium-high heat. Chop/tear prosciutto into small pieces. Whisk eggs with some water until mixture is yellow. Pour egg mixture into Read more about Prosciutto Omelet[…]

Seasoned Broth and Prosciutto Salad Plate

Broth and salad for lunch, followed by some coffee: Seasoned Broth, 1 serving Ingredients: Chicken stock or broth Salt and seasonings Directions: 1. Pour broth into a microwave-safe mug or bowl. 2. Add seasonings. 3. Heat to desired temperature in the microwave. I heated mine on high for about 2 minutes.   Prosciutto Salad Plate, Read more about Seasoned Broth and Prosciutto Salad Plate[…]