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YOUR Optimal Diet

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Keto pescatarian works really well for me. I’ve experimented with many different ways of eating: Atkins, regular keto, South Beach, Weight Watchers, paleo, whole food plant based vegan…and while many of these resulted in some weight loss, some sense of satiety, some sense of ease…none really felt totally right for me. And yet there are people for whom these various ways of eating are the Magic Plan: it gets them to a weight and a health state that is optimal for them, and they never look back. I wanted that. I knew it existed for me.

On KP I do not have cravings. I do not have any urge or desire to overeat. My stomach remains flat. All food and eating noise has disappeared. How could this be? Did my psychology and self-talk rapidly change overnight? Maybe that’s a part of it… I do meditate regularly. In my opinion, I think a large part of why it works so well is because I stumbled on the combination and proportion of foods that are optimal for me.

KP may not be the best way of eating for you. Maybe you thrive on a whole food plant based vegan diet. How can you know? Keep experimenting. If a way of eating doesn’t feel good to you on a deep level, maybe it’s not for you. I knew within days that KP was it for me. The biggest indicator to me was lack of cravings/desire to overeat, no willpower or psychological tricks required!

Also, look to other aspects of your lifestyle that may be influencing your eating. Sleep, stress, activity, and meal timing exert powerful physiological effects. Don’t neglect the importance of a holistic view of your eating and your weight.

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