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Using Low Carb Menu Planner to Gain Insight

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What a beautiful world this is.

I’ve observed many people use various formulas to calculate their “macros”— how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat to eat in order to lose weight. They use these numbers to guide, and restrict, their eating.


Using external tools to reign in appetite doesn’t address the fundamental question as to why one is driven to overeat. Whether it’s biological or emotional, physical or psychological, urges to overeat can be a source of insight into one’s interior life.


Overeating processed high carb foods loaded with sugar has a strong underlying physical component largely resolved with a low carb high fat diet consisting of whole, real foods.


You can use Low Carb Menu Planner as a tool to track what you consume, rather than limit it. Gain awareness first of how many carbs you’re consuming, and how this drives your eating behavior. What happens to your appetite when you eliminate sugar and processed foods and shift to a diet of whole, real foods? How do you feel, physically and emotionally?


Spending mental energy and time calculating macros and constructing a diet restricted to those numbers takes up space for thoughts of you and what you’d like in your life. Feed your mind with love, kindness, and compassion. Feed your body with real, unprocessed food. Then go do things you enjoy and that matter to you.

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