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A huge component of being able to eat a healthy diet when you’re physically hungry and stop when you’re physically full is to eliminate processed foods and sugar as much as possible. Focus on consuming real, whole foods.


I think that any remaining problems one has with food and overeating likely have little to do with the food itself and probably more to do with one’s beliefs about food, eating, and themselves.


Some people have a tendency to turn the sword upon themselves for their weight and eating, especially when it feels out of their control. They berate themselves. They cast the offending food item out of their life. They strive to find and adhere to that perfect macro calculation.


The solution so often seems to be one of self-punishment, deprivation, and restriction.


Stop the cycle.


Shift the focus from trying to lose weight towards treating yourself with respect and compassion. Focus on your health and your wellbeing. Let food and eating choices arise out of self-love. Make choices about what and how much to eat so that you feel good, strong, healthy, and happy. You might begin to notice that overdoing it on the macadamia nuts or eating bread does not actually make you feel great or allow you to live the full and vibrant life you deserve.


Treat yourself with kindness, curiosity, and compassion right now, in this moment, exactly as you are…whatever weight you’re at, however much you ate.

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