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Practice Bringing Attention to Your Eating

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Beauty in the reality of this moment.


If you struggle with overeating and aren’t reaching your weight loss goals on your low carb diet, here’s a tip: when you’re eating, eat. Put away your phone and turn off the tv. Don’t eat in front of the computer. Turn your attention to what you are eating and how you are eating it, and to how you feel.


If you’re using one of our awesome healthy low carb apps (My Low Carb Café, Low Carb Menu Planner, My Paleo Café) chances are you no longer eat cookies, bread, or chips. Great!


A low carb diet is very effective at reducing cravings for sugar and processed foods and regulating appetite. You can trust your body to let you know when to start and when to stop eating healthy, whole, and real foods.


Some people struggle with trusting their natural appetite, even on a low carb diet. Rather than look within, they seek external control strategies. I think that instead of trying to find, and eat by, the “perfect” macro nutrient calculation or eliminating “problematic” foods like nuts from your diet a more sustainable solution is to turn your attention inward. Explore why you eat when not physically hungry, and why you no longer need to.

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