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Maintenance Update

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To recap: I started a 20 net carb pescatarian diet and reached my “dream” goal weight in under 2 weeks. I was not particularly overweight & didn’t have much weight (if any) to lose, realistically speaking. I stuck to this plan for about 2 weeks.

My first step once I reached my dream weight loss goal was to raise my net carbs a little bit. I’m currently at ~25 net carbs per day, and will probably increase these some more eventually. Weight is in a constant state of great.

I am also expanding my food choices outside of a strict pescatarian way of eating. A friend of mine was eating some steak last night and my body was like, Wow that looks amazing. It wasn’t grass fed or organic so I didn’t have any but guess what I’m making for dinner tonight: organic, grass fed sirloin steak. I ultimately listen to my body rather than impose strict self-created rules when it comes to eating real whole food. Red meat will certainly not become a dietary staple but if its grass fed organic I’ll probably have some once in awhile.

This is actually how I decided to stop being vegan. When I first ate a 100% plant based diet, I felt great. I had no cravings for cheese, chicken, meat, or any animal products. And then one day, I just did not want a “heavy” salad with beans and starches/grains. All I wanted was a bunch of leafy greens, some chicken breast, and olive oil. It wasn’t long after that that I chose to eat a piece of organic grass fed cheese and went back to being an omnivore.

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