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Low Carb Menu Planner App Store Reviews

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Low Carb Menu Planner ReviewsTwo 5-star reviews and a 1-star review for Low Carb Menu Planner!

Seraphimfires, I’m sorry you had a bad experience with our app. Low Carb Menu Planner is delivered to you fully loaded with all of its features. You can start adding foods and recipes into daily menus, send all of the items to a shopping list, and keep track of several important nutrients. All for free starting on day 1 without annoying ads. We supplied you with more than a dozen delicious recipes plus you can create your own, all for free. We offer a recipe pack only for your convenience. Purchasing this recipe pack is not required to access all of the benefits of the app.

We at Ketoproject know how difficult and frustrating weight management can be and hope that you will give Low Carb Menu Planner another try, even if you don’t buy the recipe pack.

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