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Food Chatter

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Being on a diet can be very consuming.


When your time and focus are spent on calculating macros, thinking about what you should be eating that you aren’t or that you are eating but should not be, weighing and measuring and tracking every morsel that passes your lips, scheming all the ways you can “control yourself” and eat less, struggling over whether or not to eat something because it’ll put you over your calculated daily fat grams…your attention is not where it should be, which is on you and your life.


When your thoughts are consumed with food and eating there is little space left for thoughts about you: who you are, what you want from your life, what matters to you, what you love, what you stand for.


Let go of the food chatter.


My Low Carb Café and My Paleo Café tell you exactly what to eat to live a full vibrant life. You don’t need to count or track or spend time figuring out meal plans. Instead, I hope you figure out what makes you happy and then go do more of that.

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