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Embrace Discomfort

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If you are struggling with your weight and eating habits, your solution to “control yourself” might involve jumping from one restrictive diet to the next, looking for the perfect macronutrient calculation to tell you exactly how much to eat, or eliminating generally healthy “problem foods” like nuts from your diet.


I suggest you stop doing those things.


First, follow a healthy low carb meal plan like the ones in my apps My Low Carb Café and My Paleo Café.


Then allow remaining unproductive eating habits to become a gateway into your interior life. Find out what’s behind the food.


When you stop eating and thinking about food when you are not hungry, you do and think about other things.


Maybe it’s sitting or meditating or just focusing on your breath.


Maybe it includes directly experiencing uncomfortable emotions like grief, stress, anxiety, or loneliness.


Maybe it’s reading books, going for a walk, doing some yoga, connecting with others, getting your work done. Planning amazing trips to discover new places. Taking care of yourself with a relaxing bath. Making your bed, doing the dishes, taking out the trash.


Handle whatever it is that’s making you uncomfortable. Figure out and deal with whatever it is that drives you straight to food.


Find lots of things to do and think about that don’t involve food.


Fill your life up with meaning.


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