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Diet Update: Keto Pescatarian

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keto pescatarian organic plant based breakfast: unsweetened almond milk, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, cacao powder, spices, raspberries, almonds.

I’ve recently made changes to my diet. I am currently following a 20 net carb plant predominant keto pescatarian way of eating. Contrary to popular belief, a ketogenic diet does NOT need to be high in bacon, butter, cheese, and meat. The only animal products I consume are organic pasture-raised eggs and wild caught seafood.

Results? I feel amazing! I have effortlessly lost weight. My stomach is flatter. I have no food cravings or desire to overeat. My overall wellbeing has greatly improved. Going forward, I plan to slightly raise my carbohydrate intake using mostly plants like vegetables and nuts/seeds along with the occasional higher carb whole food like sweet potatoes, legumes, and even grains. I do not intend to make these high carb foods staples of my diet, however. I’ve tried that in the past and from personal experience that has not worked nearly as well for me as keto pescatarian.

Here are some lifestyle supports that I think have contributed to my success:

  1. Meditation. I meditate a lot using an app.
  2. Activity. I love yoga, Pilates, and using the elliptical. I am active every day in some way.
  3. Cutting back on coffee. I keep it to 3 cups of regular coffee/day, before noon.
  4. Pre-planning my food. In the morning I take the time to write out my menu for the next day. So the day of, I simply execute my plan (within reason; if I am short on almonds I’ll swap in something else, making sure I stick to ~20 net carbs). I don’t spend time thinking about what I’m going to eat.
  5. I don’t spend time on Facebook or Instagram looking at food pictures or figuring out ways to tweak my eating. I stick to real whole food, mostly plants.
  6. I don’t eat tons of protein, especially animal protein.
  7. Time restricted eating. I typically don’t eat between meals, and I have at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.
  8. I get enough sleep.

I hope this is helpful for you, and at least gives you an idea of how to follow a ketogenic diet that is tailored more towards health and anti-inflammation.

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