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Dealing With Overeating

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How do you treat yourself:


After you’ve overeaten or given in to a craving?

When you find yourself once again falling into unproductive eating habits?

After you’ve finished the entire container?

When you know you’ve eaten well beyond your natural hunger?


I’m going to guess that it is not with kindness or compassion.


I suggest that next time you find yourself in one of those eating situations that give rise to thoughts of “I can’t believe I did this again, what is wrong with me, I am so angry at myself” you drop resistance.


Accept what is and most importantly try to accept yourself exactly as you are right at that moment, regardless of what or how much you’ve eaten. Be overwhelmingly kind to yourself.


Stop needing things, including yourself, to be a certain way for you to be able to accept them.


Life is now. In the reality of this present moment, you can make a different choice. Each new moment of your life becomes your point of power, a fresh opportunity for you to make a different choice.

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