What Works For Me: Daily Weighing

So much gratitude

Weighing myself daily, or even weekly, used to be an incredibly frustrating experience for me. My weight would either NOT change in the direction I wanted it to, or it WOULD change in the direction I DID NOT want it to. When I first started KP, I didn’t expect it to work as well as it has, so I planned to stay off the scale for a couple of weeks.

I did stay off for a few days, but my body was changing and I definitely noticed. So, I stepped on the scale one morning and I was pleasantly surprised. I did it again the next day. And the next. Each morning I was filled with gratitude and amazement at what sticking with my eating plan was accomplishing weight-wise.

Now that I am in maintenance, I’ve increased my daily g net carbs to the 20-25 range and still weigh daily as often as I can. My weight is still dropping. 

Some people are more successful when they stay off the scale for a period of time. Some people prefer to weigh once a week, some prefer to do it every few days. Do whatever works for you. 

Also, it might help to be consistent with your weigh-ins; I prefer to weigh myself in the morning around the same time. Don’t weigh yourself multiple times throughout the day: food, beverages, etc can all add some weight as you move through the day. Be kind to your body and treat it with grace & love.

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