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The Obstacle is the Way

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I think it is important to eat based on physical hunger most of the time, especially if weight control is an issue. If you struggle with your weight it might be helpful for you to become curious about what you are doing with food and why you are doing it.


When you start to bring awareness to your physical sensations of hunger and fullness, you might find that a lot of the time when you’d like to eat you are not in fact physically hungry.


This is an opportunity for your personal growth because it uncovers areas of your life that have been obfuscated by eating when you are not hungry. With this awareness you can begin to make changes that have little to do with food and much more to do with your happiness and wellbeing.


The idea of facing a lonely apartment, an unpleasant task, or any kind of emotional or physical discomfort without food can be overwhelming. It’s like ripping off a band-aid and exposing yourself raw to the world.


You might choose to take external action, like finding and taking a class in something you’re interested in or having the uncomfortable conversation you’ve been avoiding.


Other times the change that must be made is in your head, in how you relate to your life experiences and to yourself.


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