Another Way to Follow My Low Carb Cafe

  Many people (many people!) find success on very strict ketogenic/low carb diets which restrict some or all of the following: -grams of (net) carbohydrates -types of food -grams of protein -grams of fat We designed My Low Carb Café to control the amount and types of carbohydrates eaten during weight loss and into weight Read more about Another Way to Follow My Low Carb Cafe[…]

Why PeanutButter is Sometimes Better Than Dating

I put down the peanut butter long enough to write this list. 1. Don’t need to get dressed up to spend time with PeanutButter. 2. Don’t actually need to leave the house to spend time with PeanutButter. 3. PeanutButter will never judge you, your job, your lifestyle, your friends… 4. Don’t need to worry about Read more about Why PeanutButter is Sometimes Better Than Dating[…]

Low Carb Meal Plan

Tips For Success On this highly effective weight loss meal plan, eat no more than 20 total grams of carbohydrates per day. Best carbohydrate choices are vegetables. Stick to the basics: protein, vegetables, fat. After 14 days, assess whether you’d like to repeat the Meal Plan or move on to more liberalized menus which include Read more about Low Carb Meal Plan[…]

Low Carb Living— Autumn

Summer is over…Time to wear my Uggs, leg warmers, and comfy sweaters! The LCMP iPad version is nearing completion, and work is already underway for the iPhone app. So exciting! A few weeks ago I headed up to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a music festival. I met up with Read more about Low Carb Living— Autumn[…]

Low Carb Life

1. Fun morning at the Sunday farmer’s market! This is where I usually pick up sugar free bacon and raw cheese.   2. Beautiful evening sky in northern California. I was on my way back from a talk about ranking search results.   3. I made a delicious stir fry with grass-fed steak, broccoli, and mushrooms. I seasoned Read more about Low Carb Life[…]

My Low Carb Life— 10 Things

1. I made an Instagram account: ketoproject. 2. Close to completing LCMP for iPad! Starting to move forward with the iPhone version. 3. Went for a walk around the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto. 4. Hung out with my little sister before her trip to Europe! She snapped this pic of me. 5.  6. Read more about My Low Carb Life— 10 Things[…]