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Another Way to Follow My Low Carb Cafe

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Real, whole, nourishing food for a beautiful, healthy, and happy life.


Many people (many people!) find success on very strict ketogenic/low carb diets which restrict some or all of the following:

-grams of (net) carbohydrates
-types of food
-grams of protein
-grams of fat

We designed My Low Carb Café to control the amount and types of carbohydrates eaten during weight loss and into weight maintenance, and for many people this kind of structured meal plan works great.

For others, it may be more useful to use the meal plans as flexible guidelines. This means changing the focus from food quantity to food quality. Instead of looking at that bowl of steamed broccoli and thinking x grams of carbs in y serving size see it as a real, whole food that offers so many (so! many!) vitamins and micronutrients and fiber for your gut, and then eat as much of it as you need to feel satisfied.

See how you feel following the different Phases with a more flexible approach.

My Low Carb Cafe is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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