Food Quality Matters

I generally recommend you eat the highest quality food you can afford— organic, pastured, grass fed, wild, whole, and unprocessed.   On a high fat low carb diet, it’s especially important to choose organic, pastured, free-range, and grass-fed animal products in order to ensure that the animal fat you eat is high quality.   In[…]

Embrace Discomfort

If you are struggling with your weight and eating habits, your solution to “control yourself” might involve jumping from one restrictive diet to the next, looking for the perfect macronutrient calculation to tell you exactly how much to eat, or eliminating generally healthy “problem foods” like nuts from your diet.   I suggest you stop[…]

Using Low Carb Menu Planner to Gain Insight

I’ve observed many people use various formulas to calculate their “macros”— how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat to eat in order to lose weight. They use these numbers to guide, and restrict, their eating.   Using external tools to reign in appetite doesn’t address the fundamental question as to why one is driven[…]