BSD Days 3 & 4 Recap

Total loss over 4 days is 5 lbs.

My exercise consists of hiking and yoga.

I’ve been drinking coffee, still water, and sparkling water.


Previous Days

Day 1

Day 2



Breakfast: 2 organic pastured eggs and an organic super greens blend cooked in organic extra virgin olive oil.

Lunch: fresh organic green beans, steamed brussels sprouts, organic pinto beans, organic grass fed Monterey Jack cheese. I love vegetables!

Calories are low, but I can fit in a decent volume of vegetables. For dinner I had organic zoodles (I get them in their spiralized form from Whole Foods), organic mixed greens, organic steamed mushrooms, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic garlic, steamed wild cod, juice from an organic lime, organic red onions, organic fat free no added sugar marinara sauce (also from Whole Foods), and a Stabilyze bar.


Breakfast: Organic Bulgarian yogurt with organic strawberries, organic unsweetened cacao powder, organic ground flax seed, organic chia seeds.

Lunch: This was delicious! Grilled organic grass fed sirloin steak, organic sauerkraut, organic cauliflower, organic guacamole, and 1/2 oz organic grass fed Monterey Jack cheese. I keep my meals super simple— the only seasoning I added to the steak was salt & pepper.

Dinner: Juice from an organic lime, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic mixed greens, steamed wild cod, and a Stabilyze bar.

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