BSD Day 2 Recap

Woke up on Day 3 to a 0.8 lb loss. My total weight loss is 2.8 lbs.

Read about Day 1 here

Day 2:

Got in an hour hike and 30 minutes of yoga.


Breakfast was 1/2 cup organic plain full fat Bulgarian yogurt with organic unsweetened cacao powder, organic hemp seeds, organic ground flax seeds, and organic blueberries. The Bulgarian yogurt is a probiotic and has only 5 carbs per cup!

For lunch I had a simple salad with organic mixed greens, organic guacamole, organic cauliflower, organic lime juice, and organic steamed chicken breast.

Stopped off for a coffee at Starbucks in the afternoon in the midst of running errands. Starbucks has some nice playlists. I liked one of the songs and later bought it on iTunes— “X Marks the Spot” by Ghostpoet.

Dinner was a simple salad with steamed wild salmon, organic mixed greens, organic lentils, organic lime juice and organic extra virgin olive oil. I also had a Stabilyze bar. These are delicious!


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