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Low Carb Menu Planner is the best app to help you lose weight fast!

Track Your Net Carbs

Low Carb Menu Planner is designed specifically for a low carb lifestyle. Whatever eating plan you choose to follow— paleo, primal, Atkins, Weight Watchers, low carb, keto, Dukan, gluten free, South Beach, or one of the many others out there— having a tool to track your daily carbs and other macronutrients is a terrific resource.

Discover Delicious Low Carb Recipes

Our simple low carb recipes will kickstart your weight loss plan by helping you create a daily weight loss meal plan.

Personalize your shopping list

Send all the healthy ingredients from your daily menu to the Shopping List and get started on reaching your weight loss goals.

Create Your Healthy Diet

Switching to a healthy low carb lifestyle for your weight loss goals can be confusing. There isn’t one easy solution that applies to everyone for healthy weight loss. Some people thrive with more carbs in their daily menu plan, others with less. Some people prefer to include lots of fruit, others opt for whole grains or sweet potatoes. That’s why we created Low Carb Menu Planner: to help you find what foods are best for you.

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My general advice for weight loss: practice portion control, choose whole unprocessed foods, eat a variety of foods, and enjoy your journey to better eating habits.

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