The best app for your low carb lifestyle!


My Low Carb Cafe is the best app to help you lose and maintain your weight!

No Calorie, Carb, or Macro Counting

My Low Carb Cafe is designed specifically for a low carb lifestyle. Stop wasting your time tracking this and counting that. You’ll get a full, quick-to-prepare menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack each day.

Complete Meal Plan

Our simple low carb meal plan will kickstart your weight loss. Each day you will get a full simple menu with carb counts appropriate to whatever phase you are in. We’ve got alternative meals and even Swaps for ingredients in a meal to add variety.

Phased Approach to Weight Control

Our phased approach to low carbohydrate dieting helps you gradually add back healthy carbohydrates.

Discover Your Healthy Diet

Figuring out what to eat on a healthy low carb lifestyle in order to lose weight can be confusing. That’s why we created My Low Carb Cafe. We’ve done all the work for you: put together the meals, calculated the carbs, and even anticipated your food preferences.


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My general advice for weight loss: practice portion control, choose whole unprocessed foods, eat a variety of foods, and enjoy your journey to better eating habits.

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